Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Dance You Dunce! basicTable.html

Do It Yourself: A Dancer's Self-Help Program

Add some antics to your moves by pretending something like a rod is attached to your arm. Pull it back and forth in time to the beat. Guys who spend all day sitting at a computer keep their chests all squished up. Open it. “If you’re the guy who can move his hips, the girls will come to you,” says Weston. “This is Jedi-level stuff for straight guys.” Pretend your feet are two points on a triangle. Now step on the third point either in front or behind you. “Forward, back, pause, repeat,” says Weston. “You can do just that the whole evening.” Twirl on the heel of your foot and balance with your other foot. Half spins are fine till you can do a full one. You may work up a sweat, so Weston advises to bring more than one shirt when you go out dancing. Guys tend not to smile when they dance. Instead they look like they are in pain. Put a smile on your face and you’re a better dancer already. Smiling is free!

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